Teeth whitening 

People with a confident , bright smile are more open in social relations, they make better first impressions, tend to be  more friendly and easy-going, which affects both their career and private life in an undeniably positive way.

Have your smile renewed!

if your teeth have discoloured or simply, you'd like the to be even whiter, which would enable you to smile more confidently, you're recommended to undergo professional teeth whitening.

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What kind of teeth whitening techniques are available at our practice?


  • professional chair side teeth whitening

  • home teeth whitening with custom made trays

  • the combination of the above two, for a long-term result

  • internal whitening of root canal treated tooth

Having revealed the cause of discolouration in the course of comprehensive physical examination, our experienced dentist will tell you which teeth whitening technique would be the best for you.

In each case it is advisable to avoid smoking and the consumption of foods and beverages that have a tendency to stain your teeth fro 2-3 days after the treatment.

It is clinically proven that teeth whitening supervised by professional dentist or hygienist is absolutely safe, it does not  trigger any harmful effects in the dental tissues.

The colour of dental restorations like fillings, inlays and crowns can't be changed with whitening, but they can be replaces after having reached the desired colour with the whitening agents. The result will be bright, evenly white smile.​

Professional chair side teeth whitening

The whole appointment lasts about an hour , made up of three 20 minute-long sessions.  The teeth get  5-8 shades whiter thanks to the whitening agent and special light source which activates it.

How does the whitening procedure works?

Prior to the actual whitening itself, regular dental cleaning with overall scale and polish is necessary. Then the lips and the gums are covered with rubber dump  and a special gel is applied to protect them from the whitening agent during the treatment.

Once the whitening gel is applied  onto the surface of the teeth it is activated  with a special UVB light exposure.

At the end of the bleaching a special protective substance is placed on the teeth. 48 hours following the treatment for the best result it is recommended to avoid  the consumption of foods and beverages such us coffee, tea or red wine. Temporary sensitivity might occur 1-2 days following treatment. If sensitivity is stronger than usual, Sensodyne Rapid toothpaste or a simple treatment at the dentist will kill the unpleasant feeling.


The result can be maintained in the long run with home tray whitening method which is also available at our Borough/Elephant&Castle dental practice.

Home teeth whitening with custom made trays

Although the whitening itself may take even 14-15 with this method but you only need to wear the whitening tray during the night and the result will be dramatic.

Regular dental cleaning with scale and polish is necessary prior to the treatment.

An impression is taken of your teeth, based on which you will be given your custom fitted plastic whitening tray, which exactly fits your individual dentition. You need to fill the tray with whitening agent and place it on your teeth.

It is recommended to carry out the procedure multiple times.

Daytime whitening trays have to be worn for about an half an hour, night-time ones for about six hours. You might experience smaller piercing feelings, which will vanish in a day. If serious sensitivity occurs, take a break with the whitening. Clean your tray every day and keep it dry after use.

Whitening of root canal treated tooth

Discoloured, root canal treated tooth can be whitened as well, which is done from the inside out. Parts of the root canal filling are removed and whitening gel is placed inside the tooth.  which is then temporarily closed. The result can be seen within hours,  but it gets really spectacular after 2-3 days. If necessary, the whitening procedure can be repeated. 

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