Root canal treatment 

The root canal is a layer of pulp found deep inside the roots of your teeth which contains nerve tissues. When pulp is infected a root canal treatment is needed to put an end to pain and abscess. During this procedure, the infected pulp tissue is removed, and the affected root is cleaned, disinfected and filled in. A crown is then fitted onto the weaken tooth to prevent future inflammation and improve aesthetic appearance. In many case root canal procedure can help to avoid tooth and the surrounding  bone structure from being lost.

The number of root canals in the tooth may vary from one to four, and usually requires 2-3 visits in our Borough/Elephant&Castle dental practice.

Efficient and safe root canal treatment with Morita apex locator and rotary

gyökérkezelés Morita

How do I know that I need root canal treatment?

You might need a root canal if:

  • you experience acute pain when you chew or bite

  • the tooth is under prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold

  • There is swelling near the tooth

  • The tooth is discoloured (whether it hurts or not)

  • The tooth is suffered from sever trauma.


How much does root canal treatment cost?


Root canal treatment is available from £300



We use the most advanced digital  apex locator and rotary system  for  root canal treatment to release your pain and save your tooth.


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