Dental Bridge

If a tooth is completely missing a bridge can be an alternative solution. However, bridgework requires that the healthy teeth on either side of the gap be prepared for crowning. Then, a single unit crown in the shape of all three teeth is anchored to prepared teeth, and the bridge is complete. It is advisable to have bridge only if teeth are damaged on both sides of the missing tooth.

It teeth are intact a dental implant is the right choice.

We offer conventional  porcelain fused to metal and more aesthetic , metal free zirconium bridge.

When do I need bridgework?

  • To replace missing tooth or teeth

  • If old bridgework is wear down

  • If bridgework doesn't seal properly that may cause severe gum disease and gum receding.

  • In case of multiply teeth loss, dental implants are used as a base or pontic to support the bridgework. ( for example; three missing teeth in row can be replaced with two implants and a 3-unit bridge.

 Advantage of porcelain bridge:
  • High quality

  • durable

  • affordable price