Emergency dentist in London / Weekend appointments

Our emergency dentists offer you same day emergency dental treatment from  Monday to Sunday. We'll provide you emergency appointment as soon as possible in South London.

Urgent dental care in South London for best price in London

In case of urgent dental treatment please call us on 0207 0960 629 and our patient coordinator will arrange your urgent dental treatment with one of our experienced dentists. 

We offer same-day appointments and provide you immediate dental solution to any dental emergencies.

Why you choose emergency dental treatment?

  • Our emergency dentists relieve you from pain immediately.

  • Experienced dentist in emergency dental treatments

  • efficient and fast pain relieve at an affordable price.

Emergency dental services in South London 

​Our dentist make every effort to see and provide all patients emergency dental treatment in a timely manner.

It is important to treat the following dental emergencies including dental injuries quickly and effectively to avoid long term damage and  the need for more expensive procedures:

  • toot ache

  • patients with pain

  • excessive bleeding

  • swelling, oral infection and/or trauma

  • broken tooth

  • broken dentures

  • crown/bridge glue back

  • wisdom tooth removal

  • filling replacement

  • periodontal treatment


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Book your Emergency Appointment online and come see us as soon as possible!

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