Dental Implant

Tooth replacement

Dental implant is an artificial stud which helps people to get back their healthy and beautiful smile and enjoy trouble-free chewing which is the prerequisite of healthy life.

Missing tooth can be replaced with dental implant made of titanium which is bio-compatible with the human body. Once the implant fully integrated to the bone,( usually after 3-6 months) the dental crown or bridge is placed onto them.

It is recommended to replace your missing tooth with implant at the earliest stage possible as implant treatment often requests additional treatment including bone grafting or sinus lift. 

At our London dental practice our experienced implantologists use the most advance 3D ct scan and guided implantation technique to guarantee the best result.

Although replacing missing teeth with removable denture may request less investment  you will face further costs at a later stage such as yearly denture alignment, glues and denture replacement ( recommended every 3-5 years)  

Other disadvantages of wearing dentures may also affect your daily life including aesthetic problems,  bone loss, gum recession, gagging, digestion problems, daily cleaning and more.

People wearing dentures for years  also require additional bone grafting which can be avoided by placing implants after tooth loss in the shortest period possible. Dental implants exercise the bone and stop further bone loss helping you smile again with confidence.

Process of implant placement:
  1. Implant  consultation and treatment plan with prices.

  2. Implant placement 

  3. Healing screw placement 

  4. Placing Abutment ( 3-6 months later) which is a  build-up element made of titanium a zirconium.

  5. Placing the crown/bridge onto the abutment 

Advanatage of dental implants
  • Improve your biting and chewing ability

  • Ensure excellent aesthetic results and make you look younger 

  • One or several missing teeth can be replaced without the preparation of adjacent teeth

  • Unlike dentures  dental implants stop further bone loss and help you to avoid gum disease

  • Dentures can also be secured with dental implants

We only use the most advance dental implant systems: Alpha Bio; Nobel Active; Nobel Replace, Straumann SLActive®

Dental implant cost in London

Implant placement

Alpha Bio:  from £1595

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Dental implant guarantee
  • The dental implant producer provides life time guarantee for the implant we use. ( only the product)