Tooth filling

Even with excellent oral hygiene and meticulous flossing sometimes we can't avoid tooth decay which is in most cases can be treated with tooth filings. Tooth filling is the most common dental treatment among adults and children and it is used in general dentistry as a basic restorative treatment to avoid further damage of teeth or tooth loss.

Tooth filling treatment

Bacteria can create small hole in your tooth often causing  tooth pain or sensitivity. This small hole or cavity can be closed down with tooth filling.

There are different type of filling like composite, (tooth coloured or white filling) temporary filling, root canal filling, and amalgam filling). Dentist always perform the most suitable one considering the type of cavity you have.

Dental X-ray is used to prove the presence of cavity. During tooth filling process local anesthetic is applied. Once the affected area is completely numbed the decayed parts of the tooth are removed with drills and special instruments  and a hole is also disinfected.

To avoid sensitivity after the treatment, very thin layers of resin are placed inside the hole. Then the tooth coloured, resin material is packed in and a blue light is used to make it set within a few seconds.

Why is so important to treat tooth cavity?

It's very simple. As the decay doesn't disappear without receiving filling treatment it goes further down inside the tooth. When it reaches the pulp, we start feeling  sensitivity or even intense tooth pain and if the tooth not treated on time the infection can spread further in the root canal which might result in the loss of a tooth or additional root canal treatment.

Avoid costly and complicated tooth loss or additional treatment book an appointment with one of our dentists.

Dental filling costs from £99 

The cost of tooth fillings is various and depends on the chair time of the treatment and the type and amount of material your dentist needs to restore your teeth. For example, a temporary filling costs less than a white filling as it requires significantly less treatment time and material. In case of white, composite filling we differentiate small, medium and large filling and its' prices vary accordingly.

Amalgam filling or Tooth coloured, white filling?

Despite amalgam filling costs relative less and are still widely used for filling cavities it is proved that they can negatively affect your overall health.

Amalgam fillings consists of silver, mercury and tin which can cause brain damage, cancer, and can constantly weaken the immune system and many others. They also need much more tooth preparation and can't eliminate tooth decay completely not to mention the bulky and black appearance which is cosmetically not appealing.

Our dentists use only white, tooth coloured filling that blend right in with your teeth. They are made of porcelain, composite resins, or other high-tech materials which don't harm your health and environment. They typically require less removal of tooth' structure and perfectly seal off cavities ensuring you an indistinguishable appearance from your natural teeth.