Dental Consultation in London

Feel free to book your dental consultation with us if you'd like to:

  • have a comprehensive  check of your teeth

  • receive detailed analisis about the state of your teeth

  • to remove tartar and make your teeth look healthy and shiny

  • eliminate tooth pain

  • fix the the position of your teeth 

  • replace your old fillings with white ones

  • have brighter smile

  • replace your missing teeth

It is important to have dental consultation in every six months  to prevent, treat, and manage dental problems.  During personal dental consultation your dentist perform a detailed examination of your whole mouth. You can also get an accurate picture of your oral health and receive detailed written treatment plan considering your needs and preferences. This means that if any of your teeth needs treatment you have the opportunity to ask your dentist about possible treatment options and also get to know the cost of treatment before commencing your dental treatment.


There’s no special preparation needed before consultation though it is advisable to wash your teeth and avoid eating smelling food. The consultation usually takes 30 minutes.

During this time your dentist will discuss with you the medical and oral history and carry out a comprehensive check of your teeth to be able to be able diagnose your dental condition including cancer screening test. Treatment can only be commenced once everything is discussed and patient's consent is also received.

Consultation fee will be charged for new patients while the six month check up after dental treatment is free of charge helping to promote better dental health. Orthodontic consultation  involves study model  and requires more time and special knowledge which make the consultation fee a bit higher.